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Video Conferencing Solutions

If you need video conferencing solutions, Webstream UK can help. Here is a breakdown of the services we offer:

Video Conference Requirements Webstream's Video Conferencing Solutions
You are looking for a Video Conference Room for rental on an hourly basis in any location, globally. You've come to the right place. Webstream can help with our network of video conference rooms in 93 countries. You need it, we have it. Click Here for a quote now.
You would like to host a Video Conferencing Event Onsite at a hotel or hospital, either Multipoint or Point to Point and are looking for a reliable solutions provider. Webstream London has multiple solutions. Our experienced video conference professionals will service your need and execute your event onsite in London or at any location in the UK.
You have an office, hotel or hospital location with a video conferencing setup and you would like a partner to bridge them with a high quality video conferencing bridge service. Yes, we can do that for you. We offer innovative video conferencing bridge services, both software and hardware based, to enable connections between all of your locations with a dedicated video conference bridge engineer who can execute your event or meeting.
You need to host an Onsite Video Conferencing Event in another location outside of the UK & you are looking for a turnkey service provider. We can help with our video conferencing solutions for countries outside of the UK. Yes our video conferencing onsite solutions can be executed in any country you choose.
You need a web based video conferencing solution that allows participants to attend using their device cameras and microphones with PowerPoint sharing and other moderation tools enabled. Then, yes we have the right services for your needs. Webstream London offers innovative web based video conferencing with the capabilities to allow 25 to 100 participants to interact live and in real time using our sophisticated annotation, recording, data sharing, muting and unmuting features.
You require a hybrid solution that incorporates both Webcasting and Video conferencing with more than 1 location. Yes, we can help. Webstream can stream the video conferencing sites that are participating in a live event on a single Webcast URL for the benefit of remote viewers who are not present at the video conferencing locations to participate online by viewing the event and asking questions.
You would like to purchase video conferencing equipment or need repairs on your existing equipment. Unfortunately, these services are not offered by Webstream. You can try searching for video conference equipment repair services or retailers in the UK via Google.

If you have some customised requirements that have not been covered in the  services mentioned above, please call us for a free consultation at +44 203 808 5699 or email us at and we will try our best to find a solution for your problem.

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