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Live Webcasting Services

Live Webcasting simply refers to the process of broadcasting audio and video over the internet. Since the emergence of this technology in the 90's, the streaming industry has made significant advancements with respect to the vast array of platforms and distribution methods that are available.

Webcasting can generally be separated into two services: Live and On Demand Webcasting. Live Webcasting means that the media files are distributed via the web while the event is taking place. In contrast, On Demand Webcasting means that the event is recorded and then the audio and video assets from the event are then stored on a media server for playback at a later date.

Webstream UK offers the following Solutions to UK customers:

  • Live Webcasting Services Onsite at a Hotel, Office or a Hospital
  • Webinar Services for Online Continuous Medical Education (CME) Meets
  • Live Surgery Webcasts
  • International Speaker Programmes
  • Live Webcasting for Quarterly Analyst Meets, Investor Relations Events, andConferences
  • CEO's Addresses
  • Town Hall Webcasts
  • Training Webinars
  • Product Launches
  • Sporting Events
  • Professional Video Shoots for On Demand Webcasts
  • Event Production Including Professional Branding, Projection, Multi Camera Setup, Audio Setup, and Lighting

Providers of Multiple Presentation Layouts for Live Webcasting:

  • Audio / Video / PowerPoint / Q&A / Registration / Polling Interface
  • Audio / Video / Q&A Interface
  • Audio / PowerPoint / Q&A Interface
  • Audio / Video Only
  • Audio / Q&A Only
  • Audio Only

Webstream UK's Live Webcasting Platform Features Include:

  • Robust Webinar Platform designed specifically for large events
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Seamless Live Video Streaming and Adaptive Audio
  • Integration With PowerPoint
  • Polling and Q&A options to engage with audiences via the virtual platform
  • Automated Feedback Forms provided after the event
  • Pre-event Email and SMS Blast Service Providers
  • Recording of the event with 1 year of Archiving
  • Presenter Slide Control capabilities
  • Live Viewer Count and Reporting Features
  • File Downloads
  • Video Signal Acquisition using VC equipment, webcam, or External 3CCD Camera
  • Audio & Video Service Providers
  • Custom Branding
  • Password Protected Webinar Registration
  • Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming
  • Laser Point Annotation

Webstream UK are also providers of these additional services:

  • Professional Recording Service Providers
  • Medical Transcription Service Providers
  • DVD Authoring Service Providers
  • End to End Webcast Receiving Service Providers
  • Audio Visual Equipment Providers
  • SMS and Email Blasts prior to your Live Webcasting Event

Here are the reasons why Webstream UK is one of the best webcasting service providers in UK:

  • We are there to assist you at every step of the webcast signal chain.
  • Our Execution Capabilities extend across the UK including Cambridge, Leeds, London, Birmingham, Bristol, and Sheffield.
  • An Event Execution Success rate of 98%.
  • A Professionally Trained Team of Engineers.
  • Over 5000 events executed & counting.
  • 3 Webcasting Platforms with Separate Server Architecture for Backup & Redundancy.
  • The capacity to simultaneously support 2 million concurrent viewers in a single event.
  • Partners, including audio visual service providers, in 93 countries.

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