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DVD Authoring

DVD authoring is a post event production service that allows you to obtain a completely customized, professional DVD or Flash File of your event. We offer the best high-resolution DVD authoring services by encoding your video and syncing it with PowerPoint slides. Your professional DVD authoring may also include other videos, production of a Master File for easy copying and replication for distribution to doctors or pharmacists.

When you work with Webstream Communications, all of your needs will be handled directly by us. You won't have to deal with multiple vendors and there is no need for expensive software. Webstream makes professional DVD authoring, encoding and menu design convenient and affordable. Our professional service is one of the best post event products that you can provide to HCPs.

Our DVD authoring is enhanced by the creation of an interface, which allows users to access and navigate all assets or files. Our professional DVD authoring includes the following steps:

  • Enhancement of the audio and video quality
  • Content editing and synchronization with PowerPoint slides
  • A customized, relevant theme complete with a logo and artwork by best in class industry designers.
  • Special DVD authoring scripting that allows the DVD to run seamlessly with in-sync video playback and menu navigation
  • Compilation of the content into a master file or pen drive for subsequent replication

We are happy to assist with the best DVD authoring services you can ever find. Click here to send us your requirements or call us on +44 203 808 5699..

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